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about us


Calcidrata since 1909.

The story of Calcidrata begins in the early 20th century and goes through an era full of significant events and deep changes. The company took its first steps in 1909, in a scenario that was quite different from the current one: from a small and simple enterprise, only engaged in producing quicklime, from its very beginning Calcidrata has taken up the challenge of changes and rapid industrial innovation. This pioneering strategy has always characterized the evolution process of Calcidrata and the company has always committed to be the first in meeting the market needs until it established itself as one of the most important Sardinian economic realities.


During its story, Calcidrata has proved that production quality and efficiency in customer services are the basis of every business activity and, in this case, the starting points for staying at the forefront of the market scale. Today Calcidrata is a leader in Sardinia not only for its production quality and the excellent relationship with customers, but also thanks to a constant commitment in research and technical support to companies and designers. n these years the professional team of Calcidrata has proved to be at the forefront with the creation of products with a long tradition (such as lime pro duction) that have been currently reviewed and marketed with a premixed plaster line, masonry and screed mortars, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, successful products bound to succeed over time. All the knowledge, skills and experience gained by the company’s technicians are available to those who seek advice. In particular, the consulting service offered by Calcidrata is aimed at being a useful support to designers, private individuals and companies, for the knowledge and diagnosis of building structures. The Calcidrata catalogue is aimed at being a practical working tool for all the professionals of the building industry through the description of the various lines currently in production for new buildings and for restoration.

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Today Calcidrata is a solid industry, deeply rooted in the regional context, proud of its story and of its top quality production. This strength lies in the company business philosophy: to coordinate and enhance talented and motivated human resources, invest in research, constantly innovate production facilities, attach great importance to the technical assistance service and, above all, pay particular care and attention to the user needs, recognized as the main stimulus for growth and continuous improvement.


We Build Professional and Smart products for buildings.